What do you say to someone to keep going?

What do you say to someone to keep going? With keep going quotes you can make changes in your way of life.

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What do you say to someone to keep going?

2: Wherever the lions go, they prepare their own food.

4: God is pleased, He is pleased with you.

6: A good measure is half the livelihood.

8: The secret to success is to love your job.

The value of freedom is known in prison.

The lucky one is the one who learns from the past.

Self-confidence makes the enemy disappointed.

Fear, delusion, and frustration are the poison of life.

Failure makes us aware of our limitations.

 The journey to success and happiness has never been easier.

The study is the best cure for grief and frustration.

Worship God with love, and argue with reason.

Weak people take on weak problems.

The greatest disease of the heart is jealousy and envy.

Pride and arrogance invite destruction and ruin.

Knowledge is victory over the enemy.