Kevin Gates Quotes and Lyrics on Life and Success

 You all know Kevin Gates. So I wanted to share with you some of the best Kevin Gates quotes. And make your life better with it and a better future.

Kevin Gates Quotes

''Kevin Gates quotes that give you hope and give you the energy to succeed.''
''The world belongs to those who value it. (Akbari)''

Kevin Gates Quotes and Lyrics on Life and Success


Four things weaken the mind.

1: Eating sour food

2: Sleeping on upside down

3: Grief

4: To worry
''The great thing that separates man from animals is his determination and perseverance.''

''Nothing is as difficult as decision-making.''

Four things make the body sick.

1: Talking a lot

2: Too much sleep

3: Overeating

4: Too much sex

Four people value four things.

1: Old age values ​​youth

2: Patient value health

3: The dead value life

4: Busy value free time

''The wealth is the name of these 3 things,
1: Knowledge            2: Nobility                3:Worship''

''A happy heart is a medicine of health, but a broken heart dries up the bones.''

''The high-minded man overcomes adversity, but the low-minded man creates difficulties every day.''
''The ignorant seek wealth and the wise seek perfection.''

''The slipping of steps is not as dangerous as slipping of the tongue.''
''A handshake cleanses the heart and a gift enhances love.''

Kevin Gates Quotes about life

Four things reduce wealth

1: Sleeping at sunrise time

2: Slowing weakness in prayer

3: To betray

4: Cheating

Four things give strength to the body

1: Wearing soft clothes

2: Eating sweet things

3: Smelling the fragrance

4: Entering the mild bath

The four things are the enemies of the other four things

1: The enemy of knowledge is arrogance.

2: The enemy of wise is anger.

3: The enemy of patience is greed.

4: The enemy of the truth is lies.

''Silence is the beauty of conversation.''

''100 Afghanis in your pocket is better than 100 thousand Afghanis in another pocket.''

Avoid the company of 5 types of people

1: Irrational

2: Liar

3: Stingy

4: Fasiq

5: Darren

Four things make the body happy

1: Running water

2: Beloved

3: Green landscape

4: Fruit

''Effective language is the beauty of man.'' (Muhammad)
''Big people who don't know anything don't even talk about it.''

These four things destroy the other four things

1: Anger destroys the intellect

2: Jealousy destroys religion

3: The expectation destroys shame

4: Gossip destroys good deeds

''Too much talk is not the prove of too much knowledge.'' (Jalali)
''Sad people have good memories.''

Three people are identified in three places

1: Brave on the battlefield

2: Friends in times of difficulty

3: Wise in times of anger

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