What is the best goal in life?

 What is the best goal in life? Have you ever thought that why are you born? This is the most important question for everyone, what is the goal in life examples?

No, you have never thought of that. Because you don't have time to answer this important and necessary question.
My dear brothers and sisters, we have not been sent to this world for nonsense and games.

What is the best goal in life?

We are sent for a specific purpose. We have forgotten our purpose. Because we have made this world and this game our goal and purpose. Please think about your goal and pursue it before you lose your life and time.

Have you ever think why we are different from other animals?
If your answer is yes, it must have been thought that our responsibilities would be also different from other animals and creatures. We have strong mental and thinking abilities. This power is given to us to know ourselves and the purpose of our creation.

What is the best goal in life?

We have been put to the big test. We are sent into the world to be tested. Then we will be held accountable for our actions. He who has done good deeds will be rewarded well, and he who has done evil deeds will be rewarded badly. And this power is also given to us to know our Creator. Meaning who created us. And why we were born. What is our responsibility when born?

O, my brothers and sisters, we have been created by the one who created the heavens and the earth. what is the best goal? He is the One who created all creatures, our Lord, God, and the Lord of all universe.

Your hatred did not deprive you of the answer to this question, but you think about it and find a solution for it.
O man, I say to you, God has created us for his worship. And He has revealed to us the way of this worship. This method has a book and that book has a teacher the teacher has students.

Understand now!

My dear readers!
The method of this worship is Islam. The book is the Qur'an and the teacher of the Qur'an, is Hazrat Muhammad SAW, students are Muslims. Islam is a justice religion. This book (Qur’an) comforts the hearts, Removes depression and anxiety. Brings happiness to the heart and relieves stress.

So I tell you! Everything you have heard about Islam and the Qur'an is wrong.
Have you read the Qur'an yourself and seen any mistakes or wrong judgments in it?


The Qur'an is a book that explores and guides every aspect of life. He instructs us to behave well with our parents. We are told to have a good relationship with our own wives and have mercy on them. And just love your wives, don’t be unfaithful to them. Respect the elders and have compassion and mercy on the younger ones. Spend time with your parents and listen to them. Don't hurt them.

Do not be deceived by the adornment of this world. Many masters of power and glory have fallen into its trap and they made wealth their best goal in the world ever but now they are under the dust and in graves. Nothing is left for them and time is run out.


Today they are facing a great misfortune that is the eternal torment and destruction of the Day of Judgment for them.
Can a book that gives such instructions to its followers be wrong?
This book eliminates discord among people, so how can it be a false and misleading book?
If you can, find a copy of this book now and read how much peace and respect you get.

Read this book thoroughly and then decide for yourself if this book is wrong or if what you have heard was wrong about it. This book will tell you, what is the best goal in your life.
See what I tell you is the truth and the right path. So if you have any doubts, please do your own research on this and read Qur'an by yourself.
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