What Quran says about Jesus?


What Quran says about Jesus?

Before answering this question, we have to tell whether Jesus was killed or not.

What do Muslims believe about the death of Jesus?

Is it true that Jesus was not killed? If Jesus is not dead, where is he now?

What Quran says about Jesus?

The answer to all these questions is fully discussed in this short story.

"How old was Jesus when he died?" From the Muslim point of view

When riots and oppression increased among the Jewish tribes. So Allah chose Jesus (PBUH) as his guide and prophet. Jesus will live as a traveler because He is also called Christ.

When he touches the eyes of the blind, he becomes blind. He will raise the dead by God's command. The dead bird will be revived by his miracle. Diabetics will recover.

The Jewish king hated these miracles of Jesus and the attention of the people. The king of that time who saw this unparalleled love and enthusiasm of the people for Jesus (PBUH) was afraid of losing his kingdom.

And the king feared that if Jesus was not stopped, he would overthrow his kingdom.

So the king planned to kill Jesus. The king announced. If anyone kills Jesus, he will be rewarded by the king.

Choosing Killer

A man named Cathyanus took thirty dirhams from the king to kill Jesus. Allah Almighty informed Isa (as) of his intention against the king.

Jesus told his friends that a man sells his faith for less money. Cathyanus and her friends went to Jesus' house to kill him.

Cathyanus took his friends outside and entered his room to kill Jesus. Suddenly the angels lifted Jesus up from the window of the room to heaven. This surprised Cathyanus.

God made Cathyanus like Jesus. The whole form became like Jesus. When Cathyanus came out of Jesus' house, his friends thought he was Jesus and arrested him and took him to the king.

Cathyanus said to his friends: I am Cathyanus, and Jesus took the angels with him to heaven. But his friends did not believe him. And he took Cathyanus with him.

They brought him in front of the king. The king ordered that Jesus be killed and hanged.

So the king killed Cathyanus and hanged him in the form of Jesus. Jesus, by the grace of God, received eternal salvation from these oppressors.

That is why Muslims say that Isa (as) was not killed. The reason is that if Jesus had been killed, what would have happened to Cathyanus?

And if Cathyanus was killed in the form of Jesus, where did Jesus go?

This question has confused Cathyanus's friends and the king there.

But the fact of the murder of Jesus is well known to Muslims. Because the Qur'an has been revealed to them (which is a holy book). Muslims are true to their claim.

So let's get back to our original purpose which I mentioned in the title of the article. How old was Jesus when he died?

So Jesus did not really die through anyone. But Jesus was 33 years old when he ascended to heaven.

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