Why are websites failing?

Why are websites failing?

 Failing with Website Projects is a serious problem for most website workers and bloggers. People quit working on a website because no one is visiting the website. And he is not getting good traffic to it, or people don't like his website. In this article, I will show you the top 3 reasons for failing your website projects and their prevention.

Before solving the above issues, let me first share with you an important experience. This experience saves you from website failure and gives you the energy to work on the website. Have you ever wondered how a doctor can make more money and have a better life? Or have you ever seen two shopkeepers one sells more and another doesn't sell less than the first while the two shopkeepers have the same location?

I think such questions may have come to your mind but you have not paid any attention to them. Someone goes to school first and spends 10 or 12 years in school. He then studies in college for 3 years, after that he spends 5 years or more in university and as a result, he becomes a doctor.

On the other hand, people buy more from a shopkeeper who has a variety of items in the store and has all kinds of necessities. If one buyer finds everything in one store, then why should the buyer go to another store.

Take a look at the chart below for a better explanation of the subject.

In the figure above there are 56 cells which are 18 red cells, 8 blue cells, 10 black cells, 8 purple cells, 10 white cells, and 2 yellow cells. If you blindly point 56 times at this chart, which color is more likely to be touched by your finger. Clearly, the red color will come more under the finger. This is because red color has the highest frequency followed by black and white but the one that comes under the finger the least is yellow because it has the lowest frequency among all these colors.

So the website can also be successful with this idea. Just as it takes a lot of time and work to become a doctor, it also takes a lot of work and time to make a successful website.

Also, a shopkeeper who has different and more items in his store, the more the number of buyers he gets. If there are only apples in a store and the buyer needs bananas, how will the buyer buy food from that store? That way if a website has enough posts then the chances of people coming to that website increase. And a lot of people visit the website. As you can see in the upper color chart.

So, O reader!

If you also have a website, you will not only succeed in a limited number of posts but also add more posts to the website. Or it may not reach the top rankings of Google in 1 or 2 months. It takes hard work and effort. This cannot be done with weak determination and knowledge. Do more and gain enough knowledge.

And don’t get yourself wrong with people who have reached the top rankings of Google on one or two posts, and don’t get frustrated with yourself or your work. It's not like, they've worked hard for years, and reached the highest level on google.

So keep up the good work, one day your dark future will send a glimmer of success.

Conclusion: Successful websites require time and a lot of posts can make your website successful. So here are 3 things to keep your website successful.
  • Giving time and making positive changes to your websites
  • Put a lot of effort and work into your website
  • more Posting